Use color management when printing (1)

Even though it is impossible to have all the colors displayed on the monitor and printed out on the printer exactly, it is still possible to use color management to ensure that most colors are the same or similar enough that they look the same. The color management system in Photoshop knows the color space in which your device operates by calibrating the monitor, determining the characteristics of the monitor, and creating profiles for printers and paper, and it can correctly translate colors from one color space to another. . With the color management options in the Print Preview dialog box, Photoshop can be configured to convert outgoing image data so that the printer prints a color that is consistent with the monitor's display. For more information on color management, see Using color management to generate consistent colors.

Note: Color management can also be used to maintain a consistent color when sending images to an offset press for printing. For more information, see Producing consistent colors when printing images to commercial printers and sending images to presses.

Print using the printer driver's built-in configuration file

Using the printer driver's factory configuration file is useful when you do not have a printer and a custom profile for each sheet that is used with the printer. The printer driver selects the best profile according to paper type, resolution, and so on.

Use the printer driver's factory configuration file to color-manage documents:

Open the document in Photoshop.

Choose File > Print Preview.

Select "Show other options" and choose "Color Management" from the menu.

In the "Source Space" area, select "Document" to reproduce the document color as explained in the configuration file currently assigned to the document.

In the Print Area area of ​​the Print dialog box, choose Printer Color Management from the Profile menu.

For Intent, select the rendering intent to use when converting colors to the target color space. For more information on rendering intents, see Working with colors using color schemes.

Click the Print button. Another Print dialog (for setting printer options) opens.

On Windows, click the Properties button to access the printer driver options. On Mac OS, use the pop-up menu to access printer driver options. Set the print options for the desired quality. Specify color management settings so that the printer driver can handle color management during printing.

Click the Print button.

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