××Economic packaging product marketing plan (2)

V. Marketing Strategy (Slightly):

The first marketing was based on regional positioning, successfully launched the regional market, built a basic market network for the “**” successful expansion, contributed to the return of capital and market hot scenes, established a model market, and increased the confidence of dealers. In this way, it has formed and accumulated successful market operation experience, expanded and penetrated into other regional markets, and achieved the goal of expanding market share and successfully seizing the market.

Six, marketing steps plan:

1. Marketing area positioning:

The first five city-level cities to start, through the stage of operation and then start the other six cities and districts, from the realization of the region's radiation marketing purposes.

2. Product family positioning

"**" Economic package of 80g, two types of oil separation and fish fragrance, other varieties increase according to actual market conditions

3. Product price system:

The whole region to the loan price of 1 yuan per package, outbound price * / package, suggested retail price * yuan / package.

4. Marketing forms

The municipal districts are vertically managed in the form of offices, self-sufficient and unified.

5, marketing plan

Various city-level regions set up sales networks at various levels, class divisions, supermarkets, bargain shops, restaurants, retail stores (wholesale companies are suspended)

6, the number of networks

The city's network starts with 600 nets, 450 for retail stores, 50 for supermarkets and 100 for restaurants. The number of adjustments within the period can't be less than 500.

7, the total supply plan: (3 months cycle)

5 The total volume of 3-month period in municipal area is **bags, and the average supply for each city at the beginning of delivery is **bags, total **bags, remainder **bags, according to the regional network marketing conditions and rebates. The situation was divided into batches.

8. Regional supply plans

City-level regional network total volume of 3 months cycle ** bags, the first supply ** bag distribution plan: retail store each ** bags, total ** bags; supermarket cheap store per ** bags, total * * Bags; restaurants per family ** bags, total ** bags; remainder ** bags, as motives, the remainder ** bags, staged in batches.

9. Repayment plan: (municipal districts)

The municipality's regional supply of ** bags for the first time, on the date of arrival of the monthly rate of return of 35%, the second month's return rate of 70%, the third month's payment rate of 85% of the total payment, The remaining period is refunded, and the citywide regional refund schemes are similar.

10、Personnel plan

There are 5 total network participants at each municipal level, 1 regional manager in charge of supervision and management of financial outbound formalities and 4 local sales staff (2 non-staff personnel).

11, task indicators

The city’s individual task indicators are 8 per person per day, 32 per day for 4 persons, and breakthroughs are made at all levels. Afterwards, one person is responsible for the tracking of goods after the sale of the restaurant, and the supervisor is responsible for monitoring and implementation. The first network deployment time is 15 days. The adjustment period is 5 days, 10 days after the goods are owed, and the supply plan for the next month is arranged.

12. Transportation Arrangement

The city-level regions will initially conduct self-distribution of their own network transportation equipment (bicycles, motorcycles), and then follow the network layout and network hierarchy to track and re-stock goods, and the regions will designate the transportation tool purchase plan and the rental fee plan.

13, Guangxuan plan (omitted)

TV advertising strategy

Newspaper Advertising Strategy

POP advertising strategy


(Terminal) The first implementation of the soft-publicity announcement plan in each city-level region: the use of publicity materials POP, large-scale posters two kinds, the number of retail stores, supermarkets and cheap stores POP suspension (8), 2 supermarkets, a total of 4500 Zhang, 500 large-scale posters, 10 handbags, and more than the city-level demand, POP22,000 in total in 5 regions, 2,500 large-scale posters, 50 handbags, and one-off demand. The city-level sales staff will complete the implementation of the same goods.

Attachment: ** Economic Package Advertisement and Media Plan

14, salesman quality training

From the headquarters, two city-level supervisors are trained in a total of 10 persons. Training content: product understanding, marketing operations, network selection, adjustment services, formalities management, risk assessment, task assessment, price regulation, supply planning, sales promotion activities and other details.

15, risk protection

In addition to the establishment of personnel filing information, each city-level regional director must use his or her immediate family’s fixed property and value-for-money to make risk guarantees for the three-month total volume of **bag products, signing the contract, and establishing sales personnel in all regions except for the establishment of personnel records. In addition to the personnel information, it is necessary to establish a fixed-property and self-established network shipment loss guarantee for itself and its immediate family members, establish a signed contract, guarantee the responsibility of the “**” company and the ## company to witness the loss of the guarantee contents.

16, operation management: (Universal area common)

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