EFI and Xerox jointly develop a new professional printer

At the Macworld San Francisco 2005, the world's highest Macintosh operating system conference, EFI and Xerox will jointly launch the Xerox Phaser(R) EX7750 color laser printer. The printer has high color accuracy, excellent picture quality and performance, and can quickly perform color printing of complex documents such as booklets, mailings, or other documents.

The Phaser EX7750 is a bundled system that includes the EFI Fiery(R) EX7750 color server and the award-winning Xerox Phaser 7750 color printer. The so-called color server is a workstation that processes print files and drives the printer.

The color accuracy of the Phaser EX7750 color printer and advanced workflow control make it widely used in short-run printing and in-house printing. Its color management tool can print consistently high-quality products. It has a streamlined printing process, and Reduced extra preview time.

Phaser EX7750 is the latest product of long-term collaboration between EFI and Xerox. It includes the Fiery server optimized for Xerox DocuColor 12 copier/printer, DocuColor 3535 multifunction system, DocuColor 5252, DocuColor 6060, DocuColor 8000, and Xerox iGen3(R).

“The Phaser EX7750 is designed to increase productivity, save time and cost when producing high quality products for users.” said Tim Williams, president of the Xerox office group. “The Phaser EX7750 is bundled with the Fiery EX7750 server and the Phaser 7750 color printer so that it can handle even Is the most complicated product."

“Xerox and EFI are committed to providing the best solutions for users at all levels, including print shops, offices, and even high-end production.” added Frank Mallozzi, Vice President of Worldwide Sales at EFI, “For graphic designers pursuing high-quality, high-performance color printing The Phaser EX7750 shows them exactly why Fiery has always won praise from the market."

Based on Xerox Digital Printing Technology and Fiery Ultra Standard Technology, the key features of the Phaser EX7750 include:
- Industry-leading color management software, Fiery ColorWise(R), intelligently generates stable and accurate colors from all software, platforms, and file formats. It is easy to use, and advanced features include automatic overprinting and Spot-On(R) technology to ensure color accuracy.

- Command WorkStation(R) job management. By guiding each workflow, Command WorkStation makes queue management and RIP operations easier.

- Output resolution of 600dpi at 35ppm print speed. In addition, the Phaser EX7750 is equipped with a 1200 dpi high-gloss mode that can produce high-quality brochures, posters, mailing prints, and more on-demand prints.

Source: NPES International Printing Business Network

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