Haitian successfully launched the in-mold labeling system

At present, on the packaging container products, in order to express the function, composition, manufacturer, shelf life, trademark and advertising language of the items contained in the container, the following methods are roughly adopted: 1. Directly print the labels on the containers; 2 Afterwards, label the container on the label; 3, set the heat-shrinkable label on the container; 4, automatic mold-in-label injection molding and Other methods.

Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages:

1, direct screen printing: cheap production, the overall effect is good, patterns and text texture; but the print quality is not ideal, it is difficult to reflect the fine patterns and small text, and the exposed ink is easier to fall off, the irregular shape of the container did not The application of the method, and the toxicity of exposed ink, etc.
2, label stickers: production costs are cheap, but easier to fall off, less smooth, generally used in small areas of the label, because a large area of ​​the label is difficult to use artificial stickers, easy to skew, there will be bubbles;
3, sets of heat shrinkable film: Equipment costs are cheaper, the disadvantage is easy to fall off, easy to damage, the overall image is not very good, positioning is not accurate, and the thickness of the film is limited;
4, In-mold labeling: It can achieve the printing quality of adhesive labels, and has the overall effect of direct screen printing; the equipment cost is more expensive, but it can be completely automated, eliminating the cost of adding labeling equipment or labeling workers. The thickness of the film is not affected, does not fall off, the position is accurate, the anti-counterfeiting function of the product is enhanced, the product packaging grade is greatly improved, and the environmental pollution of secondary printing and labeling can be prevented at the same time. After large-scale mass production, the overall cost is significantly lower than traditional labels and direct screen printing.

The following in-mold labeling details.

What is In Mould Labeling: Refers to using PP synthetic film processing to form a special label. After printing it first as a fine trademark, it is sent to the inside of the mold with a robot, and plastic is used in the molding process of plastic products. The residual heat melts the special bottom layer of the label paper, which integrates the trademark with the plastic product. When the mold is opened, an already-printed injection molded part has been completed at one time.
In-mold labeling process advantages analysis:

a. The appearance of novelty and beauty: The in-mold labels and plastic parts are naturally integrated, deformed along with the deformation of the bottle body, so no blisters, wrinkles, etc. will occur;
b. Popular anti-counterfeiting features: In-mold labeling systems are relatively complex and reduce the possibility of counterfeiting. This provides very reliable brand protection for manufacturers who pursue quality, pursue quality, and pursue brand plastic packaging products. means.
c. Safety and environmental protection: The traditional labeling process should be carried out after the container is molded. The molding of the label and the container in the mold can be completed at one time, avoiding the contamination of the bottle body caused by the labeling process. The in-mold label is completely integrated with the bottle body and has the same chemical composition. It can be recycled together and has a higher recycling rate.
d, lasting, not easy to fall off, damage: mold label with waterproof, anti-oil, anti-mildew, acid and alkali resistance, friction and other properties, make the trademark in a special state is not easy to damage.
e. Side wall reinforcement, resistance to extrusion side wall strength increased to 120%, the label will not be separated from the bottle when the bottle is warped and pressed.
f. High efficiency and high efficiency: Once the molding of the label and the container in the mold is completed, the speed of the packaging production line is faster, and the efficiency of the filling line is increased by 5-20%; at the same time, the labeling labor force after filling is saved, and the cost is reduced.
g, easy to replace the label, without interrupting production.

In-mold labeling is mainly used for blow molding and injection molding of PP, PE, PET, etc. The main application industries are as follows:
1. Cosmetics, hair products, washing products, cosmetic packaging containers;
2. Packaging Containers for Medicines and Health Products 3. Packaging Containers for Foods and Beverages 4. Packaging Containers for Lubricating Oils, Refined Oils, etc., Liquid Chemical Products 5. Packaging Containers for Condiments, such as Cooking Oil, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, etc. 6. Faces Pots, barrels, cups, and other daily necessities.

In-mold labeling, as a brand-new label packaging form, has been popular in Europe and America for many years. After three to four years in the country, the in-mold labeling process has begun to enter the stage of rapid development and is gradually attracting more and more people. The attention of people in the industry.

Currently in China, Haitian is the only injection molding machine manufacturer with this technology integration capability. In view of the rapid development of the domestic economy, the equipment for this product must be imported from abroad, and the price and service quality are less than ideal, so Haitian invests Heavy investment, integration of technology, the successful development of the in-mold labeling system to provide domestic buyers with more reasonable prices, better and timely pre-sale, sales, after-sales service, and greatly enhance the customer's product market competitiveness.

Haitian in-mold labeling system includes high-speed precision injection molding machines, high-precision molds, servo high-speed manipulators, take-off and placement devices, product stack collection devices, and other auxiliary machines (air compressors, mold temperature control devices, and feeders, etc. ).

Practical case: Haitian HTH200X2 ice cream cup in-mold labeling production system

Injection molding machine

Haitian HTH200X2 High Speed ​​Injection Molding Machine




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