Research on Key Technologies of Packaging Container Transport Simulation (1)

Abstract: This article introduces the method and process of using virtual simulation technology to carry out virtual transport test of packaging containers. According to the characteristics of the product transportation process, the modeling of the packaging container and the corresponding assembly technology are studied, and the corresponding solutions are given. The transport simulation of the product and packaging container is carried out. The force status and dynamic response of packaging containers and products on gravel roads were obtained, which verified the feasibility of simulation technology.

Keywords: car transport packaging container finite element

1 Introduction

The road transport test is a link that must be taken into account in the development of new products. A lot of data shows that the car is subjected to random vibration and discrete impact during transportation. Vibration causes fatigue damage to the product and the impact may cause the product to fail due to the ultimate stress. According to the requirements of the development task book, the cumulative transport distance of the product transport test is usually several thousand kilometers. If field transport trials are used, they are very expensive and time consuming. With the continuous development of test technology, transportation tests are transferred from indoors to indoors, and facilities in the laboratory are used to simulate various factors in the transport environment such as vibration and impact at the site. With the rapid development and wide application of CAE technology, CAE technology can be applied to test the rationality of product design in the early stage of product development, reduce the number of transportation tests, reduce the test cost, and shorten the product development cycle. This article will study the key technologies for numerical simulation of automobile transportation.

2. Dynamic simulation technology method for automobile transportation

The goal of dynamic simulation of automobile transportation is to simulate the force conditions of the product during transportation, so as to obtain further possible damage or fatigue of the key parts of the product and transportation tools. Makes it easy to avoid problems with its use and transportation during product development.

The basic idea of ​​the numerical simulation of the automobile transportation dynamics is to establish the finite element model of the transportation tools and packaging containers separately, and then to assemble the two systems together so that the transportation tools can be exercised on a specific road surface to analyze the response and force conditions of the products.

(to be continued)

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