Dahua launches intelligent high-speed slitter

Hangzhou Dahua Industrial Control Technology Co., Ltd. is a Sino-German technical cooperation company specialized in the development and production of various types of slitting machines. Dahua Industrial Control has successively developed a series of digital slitters through continuous innovation. Dahua Industrial Controls has launched a new concept in this exhibition - the intelligent high-speed slitter. The intelligent high-speed slitting machine increases the cutting expert function on the basis of high speed, high efficiency, and high reliability, including: process expert function, operation expert function, and after-sales service expert function. The intelligent slitter solves the complicated operation of the high-end slitter, and the intelligent introduction has made the performance of this new generation of slitting machine perfect. At the same time, the user's own setting of parameters is preserved. The operation expert function allows experienced operators to set parameters to meet the special cutting needs of some companies, achieve human-machine interaction, effective communication between operators and the cutting machine, and greatly reduce errors. Dahua Industrial Controls has achieved after-sales service through a series of measures to accurately display machine faults, facilitate maintenance and repair, and enable the machine to operate with high efficiency.

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