Beer barrel latest vacuum insulation type

The utility model provides a vacuum heat-resisting fresh beer turnover bucket, which is composed of a barrel body, a barrel mouth and a barrel base. The utility model is characterized in that the barrel body is composed of a stainless steel barrel liner and a barrel outer shell, and the liner is between the liner and the outer shell. In the vacuum chamber, an air nozzle is arranged at the bottom of the outer cylinder of the barrel, and a suction piece is fixed on the side of the air nozzle at the bottom of the barrel. This week, a double bile structure is used in the rotating drum to provide excellent insulation effect. It can eliminate refrigerating equipment or special refrigerated draft beer during transportation or storage, which greatly reduces the cost of fresh beer during transportation and storage. The barrel is small and practical, and is an ideal tool for storing fresh beer in shopping malls, restaurants and homes.

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