Carton preprinting new technology (4)

Problems and Solutions The paper concave machine's printing products include preprinted paper rolls such as decorative paper, bubble gum paper, beer drink boxes, cigarette cases, medicine boxes, milk boxes and fruit boxes. The features are exquisitely designed, colorful, and demanding. The following solutions are available for reference for some common problems in the application process of the current paper concave machine.
Wrinkling: high gram preprinted paper roll tension is about 50kg, more difficult to control than the film (10kg) and thin paper (25kg). When the water is uneven and the thickness is uneven, greater tension changes will cause the cardboard to swing laterally. Form the surface creases of printed products. The preheating device of the paper concave machine can help reduce the tension change caused by moisture loss (when the moisture content is too low, install the humidifier); if you add a flattening roller, you can help the paper roll as far as possible The swing is reduced.
Ink draw: In addition to the above-mentioned temperature-resistant ink and varnish, the latest air-cushion heating plate heat conduction control system can reduce the heating temperature and stress strength of the cardboard through the hot end. The process is that an air spray channel is arranged at the gap between the heating plate and the cardboard, and air can be sprayed in an instant to form a gas film to hold the cardboard, so as to avoid defects such as scratches, inks and the like caused by overheated pressure of the cardboard. This system has been developed and applied by the American Magui company.

Lubai: mainly due to the dust on the surface of the paper roll and blocked by the ink. The dust and explosion-proof electrostatic ink-absorbing devices installed in the field printing group can separate the air from the dust, improve the ink repellent effect, and reduce the dot loss.
Spiral winding: Because the winding tension of the paper machine is inconsistent with the unwinding tension of the printing machine, the preprinted paper roll responds to the effect of forming a tight, loose, and tight inner winding, which is the cauliflower phenomenon, and the paper roll handling. When the outer cardboard was scattered, affecting the material transport. The unwinding crosscut on the cardboard line is also inaccurate. The PLC computer correcting device can control the tape tension taper. It can measure the paper tension immediately after unwinding, and adjust the winding tension accordingly.
Incomplete edges: The edges of the cross section are not uniform, and the backup roller (receiving rubber roller) can be added to remove air from the paper roll and eliminate static electricity on the surface. When the paper roll receives the material, the roller device is tightened to reduce the edge swing.
The installation of a PLC correction device also helps to alleviate uneven edges. Another solution to the problem of missing edges is offline rewinding.
Roll overlap: If the roll is improperly overlapped during printing, it will cause downtime and affect the consistency of the printed product. Zero-butt connection can be used to pick up the paper without interrupting the printing process. (Finish)

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