Huanghua Chenmi can be transformed into a non-polluting wood adhesive

According to the "2003 Scientific Achievements and Corporate Meetings and Promotion Meetings" held in Jiangxi Province, Nanchang University successfully researched a new type of formaldehyde-free wood adhesive production technology in September. It can treat yellow rice, deteriorated early rice, straw, and bamboo vines. Such as conversion into a non-polluting wood adhesive.
This technology adopts a unique and key technology, the rapid biomass liquefaction method, to liquefy yellow rice metamorphic early rice, rice straw, and bamboo vinegar at a normal pressure and at a water-cooling reflux temperature of a liquefaction agent to a highly active biopolyol, and the conversion rate is close to At 100%, a new type of non-polluting wood adhesive was developed using bio-polyols as basic materials and poly-organic acids as cross-linking agents. The technology uses atmospheric pressure equipment, the equipment is simple and can be miniaturized, the investment is small and the effect is quick. The production process does not require any separation and purification steps and no "no waste" pollution. Advanced processing methods, scientific process parameters, and reasonable and feasible process flow.
Tests by authoritative departments showed that the wood adhesives produced by this technology are free from formaldehyde and free phenol, and their bonding strength meets the requirements of Class II plywood. The performance is the same as that of phenolic resins, and their prices have also reached market acceptable levels, and are still relatively large. Down space. After trials by relevant wood processing companies, the technical performance of the new formaldehyde-free wood adhesive meets the industrial production requirements of man-made boards. The appraisal team identified by the Science and Technology Department of Jiangxi Province confirmed that the research results have filled domestic gaps and the technology is at the leading domestic level. This kind of wood adhesive has a good market prospect for the production of environment-friendly plywood and environment-friendly particle board.
This technology aims to solve the problems of deep processing and conversion of biomass resources such as yellow rice, rice straw, and bamboo stalks, so that biomass resources such as Huanghua Chenmi become renewable new industrial raw materials. Therefore, the implementation level of this project will not only increase the output of farmers but also increase the industrialization level of agricultural production, and will greatly promote the improvement of the technology level of our township industry. It is predicted that the industrialization of this outcome will achieve greater ecological, social, and economic benefits.

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