General formula of phenolic resin adhesive (below)

Formula 19 SY-401 adhesive (88# glue) Neoprene (54-1) 100 Zinc Oxide 5 Antioxidant D 2 Accelerator TMTD 1 Sulfur 0.5 Ethyl, Gasoline, Tert-butyl phenolic resin 100 Mgo 8 0.3mpa/170°C/2h.J Greater than 30mpa Suitable for metal bonding. 130°C/4h. For metal bonding temperature -70 20 180 ......Reading more

Corrugated board flatness improvement method (2)

Cardboard flatness improvement method Improvement of the flatness of corrugated board: First, the base paper provided by the supplier is required to have a qualified and stable basis weight and moisture content. During transportation and loading and unloading, rain is prevented from getting wet. ......Reading more

About offset printing outlets (3)

Dot coloring mechanism According to the knowledge of color, colors have three attributes, namely hue, lightness, and saturation. The ever-changing colors are represented by a combination of different hue, different brightness, and different saturation. Therefore, if the introduction of dots enabl ......Reading more

Ice Blue Coffee Packaging Design Works (2)

Sources; Art Design Alliance 380 home used treadmill380 Home Used Treadmill,Top Rated Treadmills,Home Foldable Treadmill,Home Motorized TreadmillNingbo Kangruida Sports Equipment Co.,Ltd , ......Reading more

How Printing Systems Make High Quality Images (3)

Deal with the normal relationship of color At present, the color processing of some color prints is very confusing, and the original colors cannot be restored. Many customers (including artists, photographers, and other artists) are not satisfied. One photographer wrote an article specifically: ......Reading more

Elegant Lancome Hypnose perfume packaging

At the end of 2005, Lancome, a famous French cosmetics manufacturer, introduced Hypnose premium perfumes to the European market. In February 2006, the fragrances officially entered the US and Asian markets. Hypnose quickly gained recognition in several markets with its first-class quality and eleg ......Reading more

Advanced absorbent fiber for food packaging

Japan Bell spinning company developed a super absorbent fiber for food packaging, trade name "BELUANS", has been officially used as food packaging materials, and made the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognized. The non-woven fabric sheet made of such highly water-abs ......Reading more