Kodak Electromechanical Launches Automatic Picking Pack…

Keda Electromechanical Co., Ltd. recently introduced an automatic picking and packaging line, which can realize the mechanized production of quality inspection, picking, stacking, and package operations of ceramic products through an automatic detector. The entire picking and packaging production ......Reading more

The problem of sticky printed white paper

1 Under normal circumstances, whiteboard paper to print more products in the field, the corresponding speaking, the use of large amounts of ink, in order to reduce the phenomenon of pull hair, printing should be strictly controlled ink viscosity and ink thickness, to prevent the back of the dirty. ......Reading more

Difference between wet offset printing and waterless of…

Wet offset printing is the most common printing process in the printing industry today. The basic principle is to use the ink balance between the printing area (printing ink) and the non-printing area (water) on the printing plate. The key is to maintain stability and control of the ink balance. ......Reading more

Four-color printing uses print contrast to determine th…

For four-color printing, density in the field is an important factor affecting color reproduction. The density of the ground determines the ink ink layer thickness to a certain extent, and at the same time it also determines the enlargement of printed dots and the reproduction of the print. Under ......Reading more

Multilayer co-extruded cast film production line

The Austrian SML Lenzing adopts the latest servo drive technology, combines parallel multi-microprocessor technology and bus control technology to enable the production line to have a high degree of mechatronics, can concentrate or partition operations to provide complete quality control and inspe ......Reading more

An Analysis of the Bumping Failure of the Sheet-fed Off…

After a sheet-fed offset press runs for a period of time, the various parts have different degrees of wear, especially the open cams, bumps, tooth pads, and tooth bases. When the paper is printed, the transfer cannot be performed normally, and it is often easy to bite. The edge of the paper was bi ......Reading more

Golden ink printing common fault analysis

In the printing process, gold ink is often used, gold can play a role in finishing touch, but the ink ink adsorption and transfer of poorer than the average ink. Therefore, many problems are encountered in the printing process, resulting in various factors of unstable quality. When using gold ink, ......Reading more