Xiaobian tells you how to use the mask correctly.

Outdoors, we are exposed to direct ultraviolet rays. Indoors and long-term exposure to computer skin are also affected by radiation. In both cases, the skin is easily absorbed by water, and the skin becomes extremely dry due to lack of water. Therefore, many girls like to apply mask after going hom ......Reading more

The country's three sets of ion-reaction mass spect…

Recently, the mid-term inspection meeting of the National Major Scientific Instruments and Equipment Development Project "Development and Application Research of Precision Control Ion Reaction Mass Spectrometry Scientific Devices" was held at the China Institute of Metrology (hereinafter ......Reading more

Mei Shidi leads the new style of furniture to play new …

In mid-2014, South Korea's top fashion home brand, Mei Shi, was placed in Tmall. As the pioneer brand of Korean fashion furniture, Mei Shidi was established in 2005, and in just five years, it won the top spot for newlyweds. Because it has not been facing the domestic market, the public may not ......Reading more

The key to the kitchen waste composting process

Kitchen waste has the characteristics of high water content (generally greater than 70%), high organic content, and low C/N ratio (only 13 or so). During the composting process, the microbial decomposition of organic matter is carried out in a liquid film on the surface of the organic wast ......Reading more

Simple neon candle making

Simple neon candle making Gradient candle can add a lot of fun to life. Give your little one a separate place to keep all his/her things organized with the Toy Storage.Your little one can now take the plastic bins in this kids' storage unit around and replace them ......Reading more

Paper tray DIY making party crown

Paper tray DIY making party crown Handmade materials: large paper plates, colored paper, hair balls, sequins , glue, lantern paper, etc. Dry Cut the paper tray in half as shown Trim the edges with lace scissors a small handbag made of rich fabric or beaded, orn ......Reading more

Aerospace science and technology leaders came to Shangh…

Aerospace science and technology leaders came to Shanghai to conduct test equipment for pre-acceptance of thermostatic test chamber equipment Aerospace Science and Technology Leaders Visited Shanghai Tournament Test Equipment for Pre-Acceptance of Constant Temperature Test Chamber Equipment June 20 ......Reading more