Gas seal detector

Product Description: Features: Automatic detection to determine whether the workpiece is qualified; inflation time, balance time, detection time, qualified judgment value can be arbitrarily set according to on-site product requirements; Chinese / English interface (optional), 6' color LCD displa ......Reading more

Do you use these featured running apps?

There are so many running apps on the market. Don't think that these apps just help you calculate mileage and time. In fact, they have more powerful and intimate functions. Whether you are a big coffee or a rookie, choosing the app that suits you is the most important. Having a great weapon fo ......Reading more

Hualu Banbantong recording and broadcasting system solu…

The construction of recording and broadcasting classrooms is another key project after the relaying of multimedia classrooms in the digital construction of campus information in recent years. The so-called recording and broadcasting is the collection of signals such as lectures, lecturers’ ......Reading more

After the renovation of the year, the custom wardrobe p…

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] New Year has passed, many people have left the warm home and returned to work. Everyone knows that after the year is a peak period of decoration, the wardrobe is an indispensable part of our daily life, choose a suitable one. The wardrobe is very necessary ......Reading more

Linux system raid5 data recovery das technology

Media information: 16 disks Raid5, 1TB per disk, interface is SATA, LUNIX operating system, file system is XFS. Fault phenomenon: The display of 16 disks, of which 15 disks are made into Raid5, one disk is reserved for hot spare disk, but the hot spare disk is not set in the actual configuratio ......Reading more

CAS: 13139-14-5, BOC-L-tryptophan

English name: BOC-L-Tryptophan; Boc-Trp-OH; Nα-(tert-Butoxycarbonyl)-L-tryptophan Other names: N-tert-butoxycarbonyl-L-tryptophan CAS number: 13139-14-5C16H20N2O4= 304.35 content: ≥99.0% Melting point: ~138 °C Specific optical rotation: -19~-21° (c=1, DMF) 300MHz 1H: Consistency with ......Reading more

What are the high-glow promotional gifts for the holida…

The Spring Festival is a traditional festival that the Chinese nation attaches great importance to. It means long holidays and reunion for office workers. It means new clothes and red envelopes for children. It means reunion and excitement for the elderly, but for the merchants. It means that sales ......Reading more