On Quality Management of Packaging Printing--The Voice …

Case attack One of the cases: Shanghai Jielong Color Printing Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jielong Color Printing Co., Ltd. has developed a multi-level three-dimensional quality inspection system for quality management. That is, a four-level management system has been adopted for the team self-inspection, ......Reading more

Banner C-GAGE SLC Series Label Sensor

Banner C-GAGE SLC series tag inspection sensors are designed for precise inspection of transparent tags. The SLC sensor does not require any programming or adjustment. Patented adaptive digital logic circuit, when the four tag over-sensors are automatically adjusted to make the sensor get the best ......Reading more

Konowova introduces the latest KN-300 built-in pump

A few days ago, Conohua launched an industry-leading level of built-in pump coding machine, which has the advantages of smaller size, simpler operation, consumables consumption is only 1/5 of traditional air-source inkjet printers, and is a cost-effective product. . The KN-300 inkjet printer cont ......Reading more

Yonghong Machinery Introduces Automatic Bottle Filling …

Ningbo Yonghong Machinery Co., Ltd. exhibited the HGFJ-S-32-32 automatic bottle filling and sealing unit at the exhibition. This machine is an integrated unit specially designed for white milk and yoghurt packed in PE bottle. It integrates lifting, bottle handling, conveying, filling, capping and ......Reading more

Landor Design Packaging Works (7)

filling and sealing machineChinese Packing Machine,Multi-Function Packing Machine,Packing Machine,Bag Or Coffee Capsule Filling And Sealing MachineTrustar Pharma & Packing Equipment Co., Ltd. , http://www.ruianpacking.com ......Reading more

Shantou Ouge developed a flexographic double-sided prin…

With regard to the difficulty of coil printing, the actual situation of overprinting, low yield, and low production efficiency, Shantou Ogg Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to introduce advanced foreign technologies and processes to meet the actua ......Reading more