Furniture environmental protection and material have no…

In China, many of our consumers are very keen and respectful of solid wood furniture , basically equating environmentally friendly furniture with solid wood furniture . Consumers' preference for solid wood furniture not only makes the price of solid wood furniture soar, but also causes a large ......Reading more

Su-style mahogany furniture is popular in the market

The mahogany table makes people unconsciously think back to childhood. Summer is hot, Baoan's sweltering summer has arrived, and the purchase of cool home products will accompany you to spend the summer, and the mahogany furniture market is beginning to pick up. The reporter learned that the f ......Reading more

Talking about the Rheology of Ink

Rheology is the science that studies the deformation and flow of matter. The ideal elastomer and the ideal viscous material do not actually exist, and many materials, such as paper, ink, etc., have their deformation laws complicated. The ink is pressed onto the ink roller on the printing press, tr ......Reading more

KAILAS Kaile Rock Waterproof Wearable Travel Casual Bag…

KAILAS Kaile Stone Waterproof Wearable Travel Casual Bag This KAILAS kaile stone water-repellent wear-resistant travel and leisure bag is made of Korean 210D high-strength yarn mini-grid fabric, which is wear-resistant and water-proof. In addition, this bag inherits the lightweight concept of KAI ......Reading more

Effect of surface structure of printing roller on print…

Printing roller is used for printing machinery, as a roller used for imprinting, ink transfer, and ink transfer. Its role is to deliver water and ink to the plate. Rubber material selection and manufacturing process will affect the quality of the rubber roller. The quality of the different rollers ......Reading more

Furniture culture inherits selected furniture or Europe…

If you have an old piece of furniture that your grandmother used, be sure to put it in the most prominent position in the living room. If the mother sends you a dressing box, it is also a symbol of culture and history. Fashion is a kind of reincarnation, but it is a kind of application. How many st ......Reading more

Three options for buying indoor laminate flooring

1, than the color: The quality of the quality floor substrate should be natural pine and poplar color; the inferior floor substrate should be made of wood or shrub because no high-quality logs are used in the production process; or the wood is not used to reduce the cost. The ......Reading more