alert! Offensive makeup

Makeup is to make yourself look more attractive and get approval from others. However, there are some makeup disgusting , you must not make the same mistake! Bloody mouth scared off men 1. Resentment elements: Although the makeup of retro red lips is popular in the fashion world, in fact, most or ......Reading more

Chinese red beauty dissipates classic colors

The makeup designer's rich traditional symbol red blends with the creative design of the makeup and accessories, and the Chinese red beauty is designed to exude classic colors. Yan Yu blush : light haircut, slow sweep red eyebrows, heroic and cool not to lose men.   Beaded beauty : Jin Ge i ......Reading more

Five strokes let you get rid of your eye bags and creat…

The so-called eye bags refer to the lower eyelid edema. Because the skin of the eye is very thin, it is prone to edema. Genetics is an important factor, and it becomes more and more obvious with age. In addition, the kidneys are not very good, lack of sleep or fatigue can cause eye bags. This pheno ......Reading more

2011 Outdoor Knowledge Season Two: Outdoor Guide for Li…

Travel is a gorgeous adventure. Are young adventure-minded women planning to travel recently? Then we must take a look at the guide to the happiness of our little woman. With these guides, let us take a beautiful mood and start calmly! One: Ready, happy to hit the road Before you set off, you mu ......Reading more

KingCamp Camping Deluxe Set--Summer Camping DE Moving C…

After the beginning of summer, it is the season when flowers and plants are growing. The cold and hot weather beckons all people who love the outdoors to come in close contact with nature - camping is a good choice. For people living in the city, using the open weekends, starting on Saturdays, campi ......Reading more

Research and Design of Base Station RF Card Clock Tree

Due to the occasional need to support RF cards in remote radio heads, most RF cards use a link-to-base station recovery clock as the input clock. The quality of these single-input clocks is poor and may require significant jitter to be cleared in order to efficiently generate other clocks on the R ......Reading more